• ELI-8950



Mobile phones can provide vital survivor location information to first responders and emergency
search & rescue teams. The Res-Q-Cell system delivers high accuracy 3-dimensional geo-location of
mobile phones, enabling detection of survivors and casualties buried under wreckage sites.
Res-Q-Cell is designed for a wide range of search & rescue scenarios, including post terror attack
wreckage sites, earthquakes, war and combat zones, and location of missing persons in urban or
remote areas.
Res-Q-Cell supports world-wide cellular networks and provides passive and active capabilities.
The system detects mobile phones within a predefined area, identifies the mobile phones, supports
white list & black lists, and provides highly accurate 3-dimensional Geo-Locations of survivors under
the wreckage. The system can be installed on a variety of platforms, including, but not limited to,
tactical man-packs, soft vehicles, armored vehicles, tactical aerostats, helicopter and UAVs

Main Features

 Detects multiple cellular phones in a designated area of operation
 High accuracy 3-dimensional Geo-Location of survivor’s mobile phones in wreckage sites
 Activates cellular phones in idle mode to allow detection & location
 Operates on both GSM / UMTS networks
 Supports multiple cellular networks simultaneously
 Can establish an independent mobile network (when mobile networks are offline or damaged due to the disaster).

RES-Q-Cell At-a-Glance

 Fast – near real-time detection of survivors in wreckage sites
 Simple – an easy-to-use user interface
 Highly Accurate 3-dimensional geo-location of mobile phones in wreckage sites (including under ruins)

RES-Q-CELL is a Life Saving System