Advanced Cyber Defense Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

CybergymIEC is cybersecurity leader. Our unique Cyber Arena training platform forms the basis of our cyber protection suite, which includes diverse training, OT defense solutions and value-added services. This approach successfully secures critical infrastructure for organizations around the world, such as the Israel Electric Corporation.




We provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions and platforms, battle-proven cyber defense products, and value-added services. Everything we do is based on the knowhow and technology that we have developed to defend and secure the infrastructure of the Israel Electric Corporation – one of the most attacked organizations in the world.

Training Platforms

  • CyberGround
  • CyberPod
  • Virtual Cloud Arena

OT Defense Solutions

Protect your organization from the ever-growing cybersecurity threat scape, with advanced cyber defense and cyber resilience solutions developed by the Israel Electric Corporation to defend and secure its own critical infrastructure, and proven through decades of real-life experience.