T&T Technology and Trading GmbH

T&T Technology and Trading GmbH is a leader in the field of 155mm Howitzer artillery systems and technology, with over 40 years of experience and expertise. We hold patents, design rights, licensing rights, property rights, copyright/trademark, and ownership of stock material.

T&T Technology and Trading GmbH is responsible for marketing, product management, project management, and customer support. We are also responsible for stock management.

We are leading in engineering and production companies to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to customers. T&T Technology and Trading GmbH is committed to providing innovative and reliable solutions to its customers’ needs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.


T&T Technology and Trading GmbH offers a range of global services to its customers. These services include

service3 1. Engineering:

Our experienced team of engineers provides a range of services, including design, development, manufacture, and commissioning of 155mm artillery systems and related equipment. Our team is committed to providing innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers.

2. Project Management:

We offer complete project management services from design to commissioning, ensuring that every project is completed on time and to the highest standard. Our team is dedicated to managing projects with efficiency and precision, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible service.

3. Maintenance & Overhaul:

We provide maintenance services and/or complete overhaul of 155mm howitzer at the customer’s facilities location.


T&T Technology and Trading GmbH offers a comprehensive range of customer support services for its 155mm artillery systems. These services include the supply of spare parts, service and overhaul of the 155mm Howitzer, and training courses for maintenance and operation. The company also provides transportation and packaging of spare parts and offers on-the-job training for its overhaul missions. This customer support is aimed at ensuring the reliable operation and longevity of T&T’s 155mm artillery systems for its customers.

Colugo is an innovative and groundbreaking Israeli company that designs and manufactures aerial systems with unique and exceptional capabilities. Based on a breakthrough-patent, the Company’s products represent a “game-changer” in the eVTOL market on a global scale. The Company’s existing UAS and futuristic platforms, are a “new player in the market” that is becoming a dominant player in the e-mobility revolution, with an emphasis on manned UAS that “connects sky and earth” which is creating multidimensional transportation vessels.

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Colugo’s aircraft is based on the “Free Wing” patent technology, which makes it the first UAV capable of eVTOL functioning during windy conditions, while maintaining the flight capabilities of a fixed wing. Colugo’s ARC1000 UAS is the missing link obviating the existence of both the airplane and the helicopter, since it got the ability to do eVTOL on windy conditions and it is fast, efficient and reliable as an airplane, abilities which makes it best of all breeds

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Innovative anti microbial technologies to fight against infections worldwide.

• Founded: 2015
• HQ Location: Yokneam, Israel
• Employees: 26
• Patents: QUACTIV™, 6 families & 17 Utilities
• Advanced labs: 7
• Operation: Israel, USA, Europe, China, India

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Business Model


  • Fully Protected IP
  • Technology transfer
  • Nanosono’s Antimicrobial Additive
  • Full Support (Technical, logistics, scientists etc.)
  • Nanotechnology expertise & Know-how


  • Regulation of end product
  • Production
  • Marketing, Sales and commercialization of
    end product (PR & Awareness, Digital
    Marketing, Advertising etc.

Advanced Cyber Defense Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

CybergymIEC is cybersecurity leader. Our unique Cyber Arena training platform forms the basis of our cyber protection suite, which includes diverse training, OT defense solutions and value-added services. This approach successfully secures critical infrastructure for organizations around the world, such as the Israel Electric Corporation.


We provide a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions and platforms, battle-proven cyber defense products, and value-added services. Everything we do is based on the knowhow and technology that we have developed to defend and secure the infrastructure of the Israel Electric Corporation – one of the most attacked organizations in the world.

Training Platforms

  • CyberGround
  • CyberPod
  • Virtual Cloud Arena

OT Defense Solutions

Protect your organization from the ever-growing cybersecurity threat scape, with advanced cyber defense and cyber resilience solutions developed by the Israel Electric Corporation to defend and secure its own critical infrastructure, and proven through decades of real-life experience.


‘Force-on-Force’ exercises in operational environment are a most realistic form of mission oriented training for Mechanised Forces. Zen ACTSTM is a holistic laser-based live training system. It facilitates realistic crew training and enables commanders to validate their plans and combat effectiveness of their command. Zen ACTSTM is scalable for any force level and configurable to MBTs and AFVs world over.

It Integrates with Zen Tactical Engagement Simulator (TacSim@) for an all arms combat training environment.

ZEN ACTS™ Key Features

  • Real-time tank versus tank battle in a risk-free environment with automated objective assessment
  • User friendly system, which can be retro-fitted and requires no modifications on the host platform.
  • Audio-visual alarm to indicate impact of hit and operational status of target AFV corresponding extent of damage (K-Kill and M-Kill) as per location of hit
  • Standard drills and existing tank controls retained to maintain realism
  • Provision to depict virtual minefields and artillery fire
  • Automated recording, reports, analysis and comprehensive After Action Review (AAR)
  • Measures & quantifies individuals and teams
  • Augmented reality based in-sights display of fire effects
  • Compatible with both OSAG I l & MILES Standard



Zen ACTSTM facilitates two-sided training in field craft, battle drills and tactical and gunnery procedures at Combat Team level. The system exploits superior technology and high fidelity simulation to achieve realism and objectivity in training. Commanders are provided an Exercise Control Station (ExCon) to setup, conduct, monitor, control and evaluate the training

Laser Unit (LU)

  • Simulates fire effects and finds target range
  • Uses eye-safe laser to precisely simulate tank fire

Sensor Units (SU)

  • Detects the pulse coded laser from the LU
  • 360 detection capability with an accuracy of ±30cm
  • Audio visual alarm to indicate impact of hit and damage

Exercise Control (Excon)

  • Facilitates planning and conduct of tactical exercises
  • Monitors, controls and records the conduct of exercise
  • Manoeuvres displayed in near real time on 2D Map with an option of 3D display

Umpire Gun (UG)

  • Associates various elements of ACTS to a tank and controls participant’s status in an exercise in real time

Other Subsystems:

  • Base Station (BS): It is an electronics hub and centre for wireless communication
  • Interface Unit (IU): Monitors sub-system and gunner’s actions
  • Hull Down Sensor: Identifies the hit on the tank in hull down position
  • Hull Position Sensor: States the direction of hull of the tank


GH N45 Howitzer

NORICUM GHN-45 is a 155mm 45-caliber towed field howitzer featuring longer range than competition. Produced in Austria it was introduced in the early 1980s. GHN-45 gun howitzer can hit targets at ranges of up to 40 kilometers. It was widely uses by Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Afterwards it was employed by Iraq against the coalition forces during the Gulf War in 1991.